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Personnel Search & Selection

It is the people who define a company’s success

Personnel Search & Selection: Project briefing

We support you in defining the areas of responsibilities and competencies needed to reach the goals at a particular vacancy. Moreover, we pay attention to personality traits and values needed to contribute to internal culture, and to be successful in facing the challenges of the vacancy and organization as a whole.

Personnel Search & Selection: Search phase

Based on a clear project briefing and our in-depth labour market know-how we define the optimal search strategy. We offer search in our dedicately composed databases, advertising in the best fitting (social) media, as well as executive search. Our long standing regional presence, local market knowledge and reputation built on humanistic approach assure access to the right candidates for the vacancy.

Personnel Search & Selection: Selection step

We have the tools we need to sift out candidates who simply don’t fit the profile for one reason or another. We utilize our bias-free evaluation concept and competency-based interview techniques and psychological diagnosis to determine the real potential and fit of the candidates. Throughout this process we are in regular contact with you, ensuring the transparency and accuracy of our process.

Personnel Search & Selection: Decision process

At this point we present a well-prepared shortlist of candidates that focuses on areas defined in the briefing. In this stage we take a back seat as you become more acquainted with the individuals on our short list, providing you with support throughout the decision process.

Personnel Search & Selection: Onboarding program

This final step is key to quickly transforming your new hire into a well-functioning member of the team. We help your newest team member learn the ropes and get acquainted with both your work processes and the other members of the team so that they can hit the ground running at full speed. As with the previous four steps, this step is designed to maximize efficiency and ensure the new employee is the perfect fit for the job.. 

Personnel Search & Selection

In every business, it is the people who work for a company who ultimately define its success. Working together with you, we determine an optimal candidate profile and use our arsenal of self-developed tools to put together a short list of great candidates for you to choose from - saving you time, money and energy as you put together your dream team.

Assessment Center

Bloom with the best of them

Growing a company demands constant assessment and development. Even as the caliber of your employees increases as your business expands, there are always ways to further develop your team and fully utilize their individual and group potential

Golden Selection

the proactive form of recruitment consultancy

The HILL Golden Selection offer provides you with a consultant and a service provider that constitutes the perfect interface between you as a company and your potential employees. Here we focus on working with high-potential candidates over the long term and getting them placed at select companies within our comprehensive network.

HILL Talent Finder

Seek out just the staff you’re looking for with HILL Talent Finder

Filling open positions within your personnel can be a difficult task without the right tools. The HILL Talent Finder is designed to make the process as smooth and easy for you as humanly possible.


Put the pieces of the puzzle together with HILL_BEST FIT

Are you on the market for an analysis tool that allows you to objectively determine how to best set up your team? Look no further than the HILL BEST FIT analysis!

Match Up Report

Successfully matching up your employees

No matter how big or small your company is, putting together a team of employees able to work together can be difficult. With the HILL Match-Up analysis, finding compatible employees and aligning an existing team couldn’t be easier. 

Onboarding - HILL Take off

Onboard your new team member

40 % of employees who left their jobs voluntarily do so within 6 months of starting in the position. The 2 most prominent reasons are culture and opportunity mismatch.

Online Matching

Online matchmaking—of the professional sort!

In today’s modern age, online tools are a valuable resource in just about every aspect of professional life, even in the hiring process. Of course, the internet also means you more than likely receive even greater numbers of applications compared to companies in the pre-internet age, so we’ve designed a tool that helps pre-select the best applicants.

Personnel Search & Selection

It is the people who define a company’s success

We work with you to compile a comprehensive list of duties for the job position you want to fill and to create a clear profile for the type of personality qualified candidates should have