Who we are

Have you not heard of us yet or don't know us well enough? Then we would like to introduce ourselves.

HILL is human resources consulting, management consulting and organisational consulting. With over 40 years on the market, we are quite experienced. But gathering dust? Absolutely not!

We focus on quality and enjoy taking a look beneath the surface—always deliberately and methodically. We work with companies and individuals on a wide array of HR and management issues. You probably know that.

But what else are we? A successful international company from Austria, business psychologists and meticulous developers of new methods, passionate consultants. Above all we are people who love working with people.

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HILL Management Greece
HILL Management Greece

69 K. Karamanli Str.
54642 Thessaloniki


+ 30 2314021700


HILL International Greece
HILL International Greece

Vachou 1
54629 Thessaloniki


+30 690 7830 029