Personnel Search & Personnel Selection

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Selecting the most appropriate candidate from an international pool
International search in five countries
An international company with production in Austria and sales in Russia is searching for a new marketing director. The person should be searched all over the world and should fit the strict job requirements. Read more >>

Successful personnel search & selection for two locations abroad
Building of a new production location
HILL International was asked to search for the whole managing team in Istanbul and Izmir and for skilled workers in Izmir for one of the top five biggest cigarette manufacturer worldwide. Read more >>

Sales potential identified with the HILL Competence Analysis©
Strengthening  the sales team
A leading system provider in the heating, sanitary, and building services engineering branch wants to expand its company in the Austrian market. That is why HILL was asked to find a sales person to work in the field and to strengthen the Austrian sales team. Read more >>

With the HILL Assessment Center to the perfect candidate
The applicant in real life situations
HILL developed a one-day long Assessment Center for a company that produces optical lenses. The client wants to see the candidates in real life situations and to recognize important key commpetences quickly. Read more >>