Strengthening of the Sales Team

Sales potential identified with the HILL Competence Analysis©

The customer belongs to the leading system provider in the heating, sanitary, and building services engineering branch in the German and international market. The meanwhile 100-year-old family corporation can look back on a strong growth rate, and now wishes to enforce this company expansion also on the Austrian market. The company does not have an own branch location in Austria. Based on a very accurate personality and performance evaluation of a sales employee with help of the HILL Competence Analysis©, the company decided to work with HILL International Salzburg.

HILL International was supposed to find a sales consultant for fieldwork for the state of Salzburg, who would support and strengthen the Austrian sales team. Due to the meager opportunities for technical training around Salzburg, finding adequate personnel posed to be a special challenge, as was then the selection of the most adequate of these persons.

The personnel search was done through insertion in the news in Salzburg, in the Internet, through the contact to master schools, vocational schools, universities throughout Austria, Southern Germany, and through file search. After a first pre-selection through the HILL experts, a structured interview and the HILL Competence Analysis© lead to the selection of the top applicants. HILL laid special emphasis on the evaluation of the competencies of the candidates, and presented a candidate along with three others, who did not have the necessary experience, but showed over-average potential in the Competence Analysis. In a Hearing the customer finally chose this candidate, and also opted for a supportive sales training with HILL Communications, in order to ideally prepare him for his coming tasks.

The selected candidate has found his way well into the company, and has developed into a very valuable employee, who was able to affect strong turnover increases. The customer also continued to trust HILL with two further international projects since then.