Personnel Development

Here you will find an excerpt of our competency in personnel development

With HILL Management Audits to top trainee managers for a development program
Successful reorganization by identifying potentials
After a strategic planning a large press agency was preparing a restructuring and the succession of management in a couple of years. The HILL Competence Analysis© identified the most suitable managers that are capable for this task. Read more >>

On the road to success with a collude team
Selecting a strategy team for eastern european expansion
An international industrial firm wants to expand the Eastern Europe branch. Management audits are used in this process so that the employee loyalty does not suffer. Read more >>

HILL offers external support in the decision process
Identifying of potential board members
Potential board members must be identified in the course of an upcoming restructuring of a worldwide operating insurance company. HILL International carried out management audits to identify those people, that have the required potential. Read more >>

Support the change-process in case of M&A
International merger successfully carried out
A large Austrian energy concern buys the majority of a South Eastern European company. By testing the competencies of the existing employees, restructuring can be made. Read more >>

Realize strengths and weaknesses with the HILL Competence Analysis©
Identifying top managers of tomorrow
HILL finds out which candidates are absolute high potentials for a further management career in an Austrian financial services company by using the HILL Competence Analysis©. Read more >>  

A transparent and objective selection process guarantees motivated employees
Internal staffing of a new management position
An international production and distribution company decides to staff a new management position internally. The competition between three long serving employees and the acceptance of the decision is a challenge that HILL faced successfully. Read more >>

Outplacement with HILL
How a shut down can be successful
A worldwide producer of fibre optic-, power-, microcontrollers and consumer products decided to move the production out. HILL International managed the whole shut down process with all aspects. Read more >>