Management on Tour®

Discover new competencies outdoors? Management on Tour® renders this possible.

Strengthen your teams and achieve palpable results!
Your teams become more harmonious in collaboration and thus perform more efficiently.

Achieve productive solutions with innovative methods
Management on Tour® combines outdoor activities with clearly defined tasks. You leave everyday vocational life behind while simultaneously working on significant topics. Your team members learn from each other, discover new perspectives and disclose creative solution strategies.

A unique concept with long tradition
Aristotle himself walked his way to philosophical insight in concert with his scholars in 300 BC. Thus hundreds of participants worldwide have already benefited from Management on Tour®.

"The fact that exercise and fresh air stimulate deliberation is generally known. We utilize this precise factor in our seminars: By combining outdoor elements with work on actual tasks, teams generate immense problem-solving capacities!"
Dr. Franz Schaudy, Business Psychologist and Management Coach, HILL International Headyquarters

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Team Building

Improve team communication and collaboration

Task Definition

Elaborate a clear-cut solution which is borne by all team members


Secure results and establish a foundation for their implementation


Free your mind for new solutions by exercising in the great outdoors.