Hill competence analysis©

One of the most important success factors for a company is correct employee placement.

Enhance added value and efficiency
The HILL Competence Analysis© establishes personal and social orientation, skills and personal strengths which can then be optimally utilised in questions of personnel selection & personnel development. By aligning job specifications with personal characteristics, the ideal position for the particular employee is located.

Modular, multi-lingual & economical
HILL Competence Analysis© is available in 17 languages - and standardised with regional norms. The modules can be implemented independently of one another.

30 years of psychological development
Continuous further development according to scientific standards guarantee highest possible standards and accuracy.

"No matter whether HILL Competence Analysis© is applied in Personnel Selection, Personnel Development, or Vocational Councelling, aligning personal characteristics with the job specifications creates motivated and satisfied employees. And ultimately guaranteed business success."
Dr. Othmar Hill, Founder  and President of HILL International & Developer of HILL
Competence Analysis©

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Find the optimal employees and a certain performance and job satisfaction


Identify the skills of your (prospective) employees

Occupational Interests

Consider personal interests and create best possible environment for development

Management Competency

Identify the management competency of your key players and plan further development and employment options optimally

Selling Style

Identify existing selling capacities and remain successful with targeted measures

Performance & Concentration

Find out working speed, accuracy & working style of your (prospective) employees