Are you looking for software which enables efficient personnel search & selection, thus facilitating reliable personnel decisions? Do you wish to enhance and develop your employees’ potential in a targeted manner?

Benefit from the flexible and swift applicability of HILL_BEST FIT
The software version of HILL Competence Analysis© provides you with all advantages of our Potential Analysis Procedure PLUS a maximum level of independence.

Economical, multi-faceted and applicable as desired
Would you like to test a candidate in Russia? That's simple! Just send a link to HILL_BEST FIT and the chosen procedures to his/her e-mail address. After the Potential Analysis is completed, you will receive the results via e-mail to the address you specified.

HILL_BEST FIT is being continuously developed for you. Read the highlights of 2006 here. You can find further details on the HILL_BEST FIT Website or in the section case studies.

Would you like to assess the potentials of your staff swiftly, independently and flexibly? Then simply contact us - we will gladly advise you!