You would like to become self-employed and are looking for a sound and professional partner? Do you live in an area where there is no HILL franchisee?

Benefit from our trade name, know-how and international network!
Our well-established franchise system (over 20 years of experience) offers the opportunity to introduce the attractive trade name HILL into new markets and to benefit from the synergetic effects of an extensive international network.

Regular training, company-internal research, market-adapted product development, as well as network-wide project monitoring and quality control enable you to further develop your consolidated body of knowledge.

Select the appropriate franchise product

You may choose from two different HILL franchise alternatives:

  • HILL International with Personnel Search and Selection as main module
  • HILL Communications with emphasis on Personnel- and Organisation Development.

"Being a HILL Partner means being endorsed with a lot of creative freedom, to be embedded in a dynamic network, and to be able to contribute to the well-being of many humanistically-oriented clients!"
Franz Wührer, Proprietor and  Managing Director of HILL Salzburg

Are you ready to set up a business? Do you want to learn more about HILL franchise opportunities?
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HILL Franchise Package

  • Trade Name & Corporate Identity
  • HILL Competence Analysis© (only HILL International)
  • HILL Product Portfolio
  • HILL HR Standards & Tools
  • Customer Protection and Exclusive Territory Rights
  • International Sales & International Marketing