Building of a New Production Location

Successful personnel search & selection for two locations abroad

Our customer, one of the top five biggest cigarette manufacturer worldwide was expanding to Turkey. They built their factory in Izmir and located their headquarter for Sales & Marketing in Istanbul. The Operations Manager, responsible for the factory and the General Manager, responsible for the Istanbul part, were located in Vienna.

HILL International Türkiye was asked to search for the whole managing team in Istanbul and Izmir (round 12 people) and for skilled workers in Izmir (round 22 people). Besides it was very important to prepare the main decision makers in Austria with the Turkish culture and behaviours.

HILL International Türkiye was preparing the right media strategy for managing staff and skilled workers. Because of the different cities it was important to be aware of their different mentality and salary expectations. First we were looking for a Factory Manager and a HR Manager. We received a lot of applications, pre-selected the candidates and tested them with the HILL Compentence Analysis© and could so present three perfect fitting candidates to our customer. After that, we worked very close with our partner in Vienna to find also the skilled workers and other manager positions for the production with the same procedere.

After a period of 5 month the whole factory and the sales & marketing departement were ready to enter the Turkish market. All test results were explained to the Turkish HR Manager in order to prepare further education and increase the skills of their employees.