Analyses of Potentials

A selction of our practical experience with identification of potential

Blind tested and identified correctly with HILL_BEST FIT
Identification of sales potential
What defines a successful sales representative? In cooperation with an Austrian insurance company, HILL International tackled this question and started a »blind test«. Read more >>

Drawing top-performers into the company with HILL_BEST FIT
Decision backup in personnel selection
An internationally active bank identifies the potentials of its applicants with HILL_BEST FIT and therefore has created an additional objective basis for decisions. Read more >>

Recognizing and supporting the best young talents with HILL_BEST FIT
Development of a high potential pool
How do you recognize high potentials? An Austrian technology and infrastructure corporation researched this question and has supplemented already active assessment centers successfully with HILL_BEST FIT. Read more >>

HILL_Online Matching enables an automatic applicant pre-selection
With HILL to a efficient personnel selection
HILL developed a screening and matching procedure for a large Austrian home-improvement market chain, that receives 25.000 - 30.000 applications per year. The responsible employees onsite can then conduct an efficient personnel selection. Read more >>